How to Create Your Own Objection Book

Jan 6, 2019

Each industry has its own specific sales objections whereas there are some typical objections.

It’s crucial to identify 50 😊😊😊 or 20 of them and prepare the fitting responses.

What content must be included

So, we shall create an objection book containing a list of these objections and responses for each. In the beginning, 1-3 responses will be enough for each objection.

You can categorize them on, for example, objections about:

  • Service or Product (Need and Fit)
    • Your solution isn’t a priority right now
    • I don’t understand your product
  • Budget and Pricing
    • Your prices are too high
    • We don’t have any budget
  • Your company
    • I’ve never heard of your company
    • You are too small
  • Competition
    • We’re already working with another provider
    • We already have that
  • Customer policy (ability and authority to buy)
    • I’m not authorized to sign off on this
    • I don’t have the authority
  • Objections that are blow-offs
    • I’m busy
    • I’m not interested


Now start creating your own objection book. And it’s your time well invested.

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