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How to Handle Sales Objections about Budget and Price. Part 2

Feb 11, 2019

To discount or not to discount that is a question. Discounting is a way to lose our profit or accelerate sales.

Today I’m going to give you some responses to sales objections about budget and price.


Our obstacles are

  • What about discount?
  • What discount can you give us?
  • Do you have any discount?
  • Please, give me a discount and I’ll buy
  • I’ll sign if you provide me with a discount

First things first. Before discounting, Start to negotiate, find out real nature of prospect’s concern, and then decide to discount or not to discount… and what you should require  in return.

There are possible responses:

1 – Why?

2 – Before we consider discounting, let’s find out what you’re looking for in an offer. This will allow me to give you a much more accurate estimate.

3 – Before we discuss discounting, let’s make sure we’re on the same side that this solution fits your needs well.

4 – We can get you a discount if you adjust payment terms, … or extend the contract, … or purchase extra packages.

5 – We can offer you a discount for our additional services.

6 – What can make our offer worthy of the price we gave you?

7 – What would be a reasonable discount?

8 – What kind of discount do you want?

9 – Is the price the only thing that keeping you from signing?

10 – Do you see price being a major obstacle to make a deal?


Practice these responses. Come up with your own ones. Identify prospect and customer needs. And it’s your time great invested.

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