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How to Handle Sales Objections about Competition. Part 1

Jan 11, 2019

Bentley Motors Limited already work with another solution provider for that… 😊😊😊

Our today’s barriers are

  • We’re already working with another provider
  • We already have a supplier
  • We already use somebody for that

A prospect who’s working with competitors already has a need for a similar product or service. They may be satisfied, partially satisfied or dissatisfied with their current solution. But this doesn’t mean they immediately share this with us.

So, our task is to find a proper place for our service and create the conditions for its implementing. First is identifying prospect’s pain or gain points. Any clue of them. Secondly, we shall delivery a possible value of our solution which will benefit them.

    Hop aboard, here we go!

    Our possible responses are:

    1. Of course, it is essential for a company to work with multiple suppliers. I have a couple suggestions for you related to your possible challenge X. When is a good time to schedule a follow-up call?
    2. That’s good to hear. It is a common practice for a company to meet with providers and compare their services to choose the best solution. Can I ask what type of evaluation process you go through to be sure you’re getting the best solution available?
    3. At this point, I’m not asking you to rip anybody out. I’d just like the opportunity to show you how we’re different and how we’ve provided additional value to our customers. And I’d like to present some cases of other companies like yours who work with us and with other providers. When is a good time to another call to talk about that?
    4. Oh, I see. Have they ever let you down? How did that impact your business?
    5. That’s great. I’m curious to know what’s their average days to assemble a thing X for you?
    6. Good to hear. I’m wondering, however, how long have you been working with that manufacturer? Is your contract up for renewal anytime soon?
    7. I’m glad you’re already working with a provider. How do you feel about being in a contract? What results are you getting?


      Now you can handle sales objections about Competition. Practice these responses. Come up with your own ones. Handle prospect’s and customer’s objections. And it’s your time great invested.

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