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How to Prepare and Lead Virtual Meetings

Apr 29, 2020

Sometimes it’s impossible to gather all participants and hold a meeting in one room. However, a remote meeting can be organized for remote participants.

You and I are going to lead a virtual (remote) meeting with our partners or co-workers. There are 4 steps which must be performed:

  1. Actions before meeting
  2. Preparing equipment and environment
  3. Executing a meeting
  4. Actions after meeting

But, first, let me ask you a question: Is that meeting necessary? Can you solve an issue on the phone or email?… Can’t? OK, hop aboard, here we go.

Actions before meeting

First, make the necessary actions before the meeting.

Prepare an agenda and set the timing for each point you would like to discuss. Moreover, set desired results and your expectations for each point. It can be the plan approved, the agreement reached, the budget determined and so on.

Next, you have to choose a platform – Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom or another platform for video conferencing.

If meeting participants live in different time zone, Brazil, France, Japan, think and schedule a convenient time for all of them. It can be reasonable to share your cloud-based calendar, like Google calendar, where each attendee can accept your offered time or advise their own.

Are you planning to show a presentation? Make sure that its slides contain less text and more visuals, or, at least, use short sentences and phrases.

A presentation and additional materials can be shared through Google Drive and Dropbox.

OK, you have made all preparations. Now send invitations to all participants and include into these invitations: the agenda, the platform for meeting and info for registration, the link to add materials.

Preparing equipment and environment

The second step, preparing equipment and the environment.

Choose a device for holding a virtual meeting, your phone or laptop with a webcam, and set up an application (Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts).

Then choose a place with fewer distractions and noise. Check a camera position, background and light. If it’s a dark place, add artificial light. Remove unnecessary things from the frame or change a camera position.

Now test video and audio and Internet connection. Make a video call to your friend or partner and check the quality of the video and audio signals. Does your voice sound clear and without any delay?

Now you’re ready to hold a remote meeting.

Executing a meeting

The third step is executing a meeting.

Open a meeting room at 10 or 15 minutes early that attendees can register and chat with each other before meeting.

Test the connection – make sure that each participant has the clear video and audio signals and you, in turn, can see and hear them clearly too.

Set rules for a virtual meeting, for instance, raising hands to ask a question, one speaker at one time.

U can appoint someone to make notes or keep the minutes or do it yourself.

Start the meeting and stick the agenda. During the meeting look at the lens of your phone or web camera. It creates engagement with the whole team.

You can also look at the screen to see if somebody wants to ask a question or attract attention.

Actions after meeting

The fourth step, actions after meeting.

Now it’s time to prepare your notes or meeting minutes.

If someone was assigned to tasks, you can make an action plan which would include 3 sections: What to do, Who is in charge to do it, and When to do.

Share the meeting’s notes and the action plan with all participants.


To sum up, preparing and leading a remote meeting, you and I perform 4 steps:

  1. Executing actions before meeting
  2. Preparing equipment and environment
  3. Executing a meeting
  4. Executing actions after meeting

That’s it.

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