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Objections about Product, Need and Fit. Part 1

Jan 13, 2019

We all create our products, services and solutions to meet customer’s needs. With the result that I called this type of sales objections as Objections about Product, Need and Fit.

Today our heroes are sales objections about Product, Need and Fit:

  • We’re doing great in this area
  • We’re happy the way things are

So, we shall ask a few qualification questions to determine if prospect or customer is facing any problems we can solve.

We start our speech with a value statement like this:

We help robotics companies to increase the happiness of their robots. I’d like to ask a few questions to see if I could provide you with some information…

After receiving their permission or a 3-second pause, we might start a qualification:

  1. What are your current goals in field of…? How much progress has been made?
  2. What issues are you facing right now that this solution can help you with?
  3. What service do you use in this area? Why did you choose this service? What is working well? Is there anything that you need that this service can’t provide?
  4. Has your company considered buying a service like this before? Why or why not? If so, what happened?
  5. Would you like to hear about how other companies we’ve worked with have implemented this service?

Depending on their answers we will decide whether to continue working with them or disqualify them.

Also, we can issue prospective customers with a free sample or product trial. Or sell an entry-level product or service.


    Practice these responses. Come up with your own ones. Identify prospect and customer needs. And it’s your time great invested.

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