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Why qualify a prospect

Jan 26, 2019

As long as we sell our products and services to everyone, we lose our enthusiasm and time.

Today we’re talking about why it’s crucial to qualify a prospect.

There is time to waste time

Just realize we actually have no time to properly qualify a person or a company to whom we most likely to sell.

We continue to call on, give a presentation, travel, meet people who have no characteristics of a genuine prospect. There is a way to lose time, expenses and effort of our own, our partners and our investors. Also we lose our enthusiasm and self-esteem. As a result of this, we don’t want to be in sales at all.

So, if we spend tons of hours, days, weeks and months on worthless prospects, we have less time to valuable ones.

And also lack of knowledge of prospect’s needs leads to speak about technical characteristics and specifications of our product, service and solution. In this case a prospect hesitates to make a deal.

Would we accept this?… Absolutely not.

There is time to keep time

In other hand, if we qualify prospects, we save our time and become more successful, more powerful.

Through qualification we determine needs, how our solution fits these needs, the urgency of needs, prospect’s ability and authority to buy and how we’re going to reach a prospect.

This evaluation process allows us to discover all prospect’s needs. We get a chance to explore and recognize which needs are more essential and require immediate satisfaction. And we might show how our product or service will solve their problem and meet their needs.

And the same time we must be brave and have a common sense to disqualify a prospect.


In general, qualifying a prospect helps us make decisions about what, when, to whom, where, how and how much to sell.

So, qualify your prospects. And it’s your time great invested.

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